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Uma oferta de ajuda potencialmente inútil

Repostando isso aqui porque acho que postei originalmente no lugar errado.

Eu traduzi isso, desculpe se não faz muito sentido. Há algo que um falante de inglês (com conhecimento limitado do Mediawiki) possa fazer para ajudar? (A propósito, sou editor da Tolkien Gateway) Éowyn (discussão) 03h33min de 28 de fevereiro de 2024 (UTC) (User:Éowyn - Tolkien Gateway)

Hello, Éowyn. It does make sense! And yes, anyone can help us, no matter the language they speak. As of now I'm still trying to get the bare bones of the wiki working before I fully promote the website to the general public. I'm currently trying to get the citation plug-in to work with Visual Editor, but there are many more things to do. If you want to help me with this, please contact me on contato@compendiumtolkien.com.br and we can hopefully sort something out (maybe a Discord call?). I'm new to MediaWiki, so I'm not sure if you get notified or something by editing this; I just hope you see it. - ProjetoTolkien, 10:46 PM 02/28/2024 (GMT-3)


Some suggestions from someone who's been on a wiki for a while:

  • Set up templates for things like references, it saves so much time while editing and if you do it now there will be less manual sourcing to undo. You might want to see about adding TemplateData extension - I suspect this or something similar is what is causing my issues in template creation
  • Set general standards for style and writing, same reason as before, saves a lot of time correcting things
  • Images can add a lot to an article. I've already reached out to an artist on Instagram and am waiting for a response. This also means templates or some other system to make sure copyright laws are always followed.

Also I'm trying to learn a little bit more about more about mediawiki/relearn it in Portuguese so I hopefully will soon be able to help out more with that side of the website.

P.S. I'm going to help set up some more behind the scenes stuff like categories. They'll be following the Tolkien Gateway procedures because that's what I'm used to but feel free to undo or change any edits I make. Oh and if you're comfortable with it could I be made an admin, just to make things simpler while editing?Éowyn (discussão)